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Organizing Packages

Below are some organizing packages that I offer for clients, each one includes a list of what each package offers and pricing.  All packages include my Consultation Fee and Hourly Fees.

Kitchen and Pantry Organization - $300
  • decluttering cabinets

  • decluttering drawers

  • organizing cabinets 

  • organizing drawers

  • create an organizational kitchen system

  • declutter pantry items

  • re-organize pantry items

  • create an organizational pantry system

Master Bedroom Closet and Additional Closets and Dressers - $400
  • declutter all clothes

  • declutter all shoes

  • declutter all accessories

  • create an organizational closet system

  • declutter all linens

  • create an organizational linen closet system

Office Organization - $500

  • declutter all paperwork

  • scan/file important paperwork

  • shred old paperwork

  • organize desk drawers

  • organize file drawers

  • declutter desktop

  • organize desktop

  • create an organizational office system


Garage Organization - $600

  • clear out all items

  • sort through all items for trash, recycle, donate and keep

  • create an organizational garage system

Packing Help - $700

  • Help with packing boxes

  • Help with Packing up the following rooms:

      -Kitchen/Pantry ​


      -Linen Closet

      -Bedroom Closets

      -Bedroom Dressers

      -Office Space


Move In - Getting Setup - $900

  • Help with unpacking boxes

  • Help with Setting up/Organizing the following:

      -Kitchen/Pantry ​


      -Linen Closet

      -Bedroom Closets

      -Bedroom Dressers

      -Office Space


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