Home/Office Organization and Cleaning Out
  • Creating an organizational system

  • Clearing out the clutter

  • Organize files for paper work

  • Organizing contacts

  • Shredding old documents

  • Recycling old electronics

  • Donating office items​

Kitchen Pantry Organization and Cleaning Out
  • Organizing pantry shelves

  • Organizing and Containerizing Food Items

  • Containerizing Baking Items

  • Labeling Bins/Baskets

  Closet Organization
  • Organize clothes, shoes and accessories
  • Sort, Donate or Consign clothes 
  • Create a closet system


Garage Organization

  • ​Sort through items you want to keep, donate or throw away

  • Create a shelving system

  • Bins for storage

  • Labeling Bins

  • Hook system





  • Organize all your belongings 

  • Sort through the "hard to decide what to do with" items

  • Create a check lists of what items you want to donate, go to consignment or get rid of altogether.

   Interior Design

  • Space Planning - Furniture

  • ​Floor Plans



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